Muriel & Phil Withrow



Our love for the beaches of Maine goes back to the 1920’s when Phil with his family and Muriel with hers vacationed at York Beach and Wells Beach respectively.  Together Muriel and Phil and their children continued the tradition for the next 50 years.  Then in 1971 we made the big leap and bought a cottage on Moody Beach not as a summer cottage but as our year-round home.  We transplanted our entire family of six kids from Sudbury, Mass. to Wells, Maine.  There were major adjustments to be made but, however difficult they were, the great joy of  living right on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world was worth it. 

 Over the next decade we were able to purchase several other beach properties which  quickly put us in the beach rental business.  The  pleasure of sharing our beautiful beach with others made the hard work involved worth while.  The majority of our renters have been returning for many years, some for as long as 30 years.  We have watched their children grow from babies to mothers themselves.

 True to the prediction of our  daughter,  Dawn, 17 at the time, that this move to the beach would certainly keep our family together – it certainly has!  They spend weekends and vacations with us and we surely love it!               

 Our love of people and, yes, of animals too – we welcome pets – and our relaxed lifestyle have made this the ideal business for us even now in our senior years.









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